Essex Conservatories Construction

Conservatories construction is one of the services we offer at Essex Conservatories. We construct conservatories from scratch using high quality raw materials which are sourced from reliable German manufacturers whom we have a pact with for supply of the top-of-the-line materials. Upon the receipt of the materials, we allow them to expand and contract severally before using them for projects. We certify the quality of these materials to ensure the best quality.

We use the cutting-edge computer programmes and fully automatic machines to facilitate best quality and accuracy. Below are the machines we use to construct glass houses and their functions:

The Double Headed Saw

This machine comes with twin blades of 300mm-400mm length. It is used to cut profiles such as perfect angles, compound angles and more on the saw bed. Its edge is its time efficiency as the twin blades can the profile twice at different lengths. The profile goes to the next stage.

The Corner Welder

This is a large machine that welds the pre-cut corner made by the double-headed saw to later be plastic welded. The machine works at over 100 degrees temperature. The corners are put into the machine with two air clamps to make the profile steady while the hot plate rises from the machine bed. The corners are pushed together by the arms when the hot plate has reached maximum temperature.

The corners are set for welding, after which the arms and clamps release and the machine moves back the finished corner.

Gasket up

We use the best quality gasket, the same standard as the one used airplanes but are called neoprene. The gasket is pushed and cut around the profile when the ends. At this point, the gasket is wind-tested at 140 mph and still holds back.


We use internally beaded windows that offer more security as the glass cannot be removed from the outside by burglars. As Essex conservatories, we factor in your security to the making of your Essex conservatory with high-quality window and door security provisions.

The Glass

As Essex conservatory suppliers, we provide the state-of-the-art k glass that keeps the UV rays away to prevent discoloration of carpets, upholstery, etc. We use toughened glass (TX) of 28mm unit (4mm glass, 20 mm spacer bar and 4 mm).

The Roof System

We use the best quality materials for the roof system. The options are extensive, and you can choose self-cleaning glass for the roof. We ensure that materials used are strong and durable.

Essex Conservatories CAD Drawing

We provide a 3D design of your Essex conservatories for the perfect viewing of both the interior and exterior. With the latest technology in the computer design software, we will give you a detailed representation of your conservatory from the ground up.

You view the entire design without hiding anything from you. If there is anything you do not like in the design, contact us, and we will fix it; your satisfaction is our priority.

At Essex conservatories, we also show you the inner design of your conservatories including internal wall finishes, different flooring types, fitted skirting, fitted radiators, window boards, lighting, 2D and 3D, and other relevant information.