How We Install Essex Conservatory

Conservatories are a significant investment in your property, therefore if you want to experience the best glass houses have to offer, it is essential that you choose experienced conservatory installers.  That is what we offer you at Essex conservatories. We have over 15 years experience in conservatory installation.

We are Essex conservatory installers and specialize in the supply and fitting of PVCu conservatories. We fit different types of conservatories such as Victorian, Elizabethan, and PVCu among others. We install your desired style of conservatory from start to finish. When you hire us as your Essex conservatory installers, we assure you of an enhanced experience.

We follow a detailed process when building the base, walls, and the roof of your conservatory. We prioritize our clients’ excellent experience and use only the best quality materials that will guarantee performance, durability, and 100 percent satisfaction.     

Essex Conservatories

How We Install Conservatories in Clients’ Homes

First, we assure our clients that we will stay within the building regulations for conservatories and observe the best acceptable practice in the industry. Here is how we install conservatories in our clients’ homes.

Building the Conservatory Base

A solid base is a bedrock for an excellent conservatory. We start with the base before the installation of the conservatories by taking the following steps:

Measuring the Space

We make sure that the dimensions and measurements are perfect on the base plan. We follow every detail to ensure that the project comes out according to plan and drawings.

Digging the Foundation

We dig in the shape of the measured conservatory and pack the soil away from the dug surface.

Leveling the earth

Next, we level the ground and make sure it is plumb.

Adding Concrete

We add concrete to the foundation to the correct height.

Clearing the Surrounding Area

We wash the surrounding area to remove garbage or dirt from the project site.

Building Up to the Dam Course

This will serve as the floor level for the conservatory. Therefore, we ensure it is even.

Essex Conservatories

Building the Conservatory Walls

Conservatory walls are part of the structure, and they provide the needed support for the conservatory. Here are the steps to constructing the conservatory walls.

Building Dwarf-wall

We build the dwarf-wall, which start from the base up to about one-meter height. We place the bricks and cement and allow to dry.

Placing External Sills

We place the sills on the dwarf-wall.

Securing the Frame

We start with the frame that connects to the house. We secure the frames starting from the house and connects outward until they meet from the two sides.

Setting up the Doors

Fitting doors could be problematic that is why you need to hire Essex conservatory installers to ensure that the doors fit correctly.

Building the Conservatory Roof

As experienced Essex conservatory installers, we supply and fit PVCU conservatories to ensure that every part of your conservatory is perfectly measured and professionally installed. To build the roof of your conservatory, we follow the following steps:

Placing the Roof Ridge

Since every part of the conservatory’s measured including the roof ridge. So, we put the roof ridge on top of the frames in the exact measurements.

Adding Roof Rafters

Next, we fit the rafters between the hip bars and roof ridge.

Fitting the Glazing Sheets

We place the glazing sheets in place on the wall and roof.

Installing the Gutters

We install gutters to prevent the conservatory roof from getting damaged.


We consider some factors in completing the flooring of our clients’ conservatories. What and how you intend to use the conservatory will determine the kind of flooring we will construct. To do this, we consider the following:  


If several people will be moving in and out of the conservatories, we will complete the flooring in a way that it can be cleaned and repaired easily, and to withstand wear.

Time of Use

If the conservatories do not have a substantial shed or they are to be used mainly during the warmer seasons, we choose materials that promote coolness such as granite and other stonework. However, if the flooring will contribute to the warming up of the conservatories, insulation will be prioritized, and we will complete the flooring with wood or laminate to help with keeping the conservatories warm.  

Are you searching for Essex conservatory installers for your conservatory project? Contact us now. We supply PCVU conservatory and specialize in the installation of different styles to complement our clients’ existing homes. We have over 15 years’ experience and the best workmanship for the best quality you can imagine. Contact us for more inquiries.